Gender Inequality is Always an Issue

One would think the whole issue of gender inequality is water under the bridge. If this is what people think, they are sorely mistaken. In many cases of employment, there are serious problems presented, all based on genders. This will also happen in a number of other situations. It may be a belief that all of these issues are simply based on discrimination against women. This viewpoint is obtuse and invalid. In fact, it is downright blind to reality.

It is best to learn about gender inequality issues in a way that is understanding of both genders. Men and women face problems in the work world and other aspects of life, all based on whether they have a penis or a vagina and it is absolutely, without question, a harmful viewpoint limited to archaic understanding. With more recent movements, the scales have been tipped too far in favor of one over the other in order to create a “balance” and this is hardly a solution.

Men have been and still are stereotyped and placed above women in the workplace. Women make less money for the same positions as men and often must deal with insulting and inappropriate behavior from men in order to advance. This is intolerable and any time this happens, women should address it for the sake of all women. However, nobody wants to lose a job over this.

gender inequality issues

There is another side. Men are also facing discrimination now, all based on past inequality problems. This does not work. It is better to find real equality rather than making it tougher for men to get jobs or stay in jobs based on percentages. Boosting one to make it “all better” is pointless and will raise more stereotypes than before. Look at the number of job and housing ads which read “women only.” It is the same thing.